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A brief history

In 1929, a preliminary meeting of a few Mudaliars was held in Bangalore under the presidentship of distinguished late Sri. V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar, and a decision to form an association called “Mudaliar Sangham” was reached. The Sangham was registered under the Indian Companies Act 1913 on 11th July 1930. Dr. T.V. Arumua Mudaliar, the first president, relinquished his office in August 1929 on account of advancing years, and since then, Shri. V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar held the office as president continuously for 25 years until his death.

The Sangham started enrolling members and collecting subscriptions from the members for the sole purpose of giving scholarships to needy students. The Sangham has grown leaps and bounds, and at present, it distributes about Rs. 6.5 lakhs per year to nearly 350 students as scholarships. The Sangham started to build its own building at the site measuring 100’X160’ on Osborne Road donated by Shri. V.S. Sundaraja Mudaliar and his son Shri. V.S. Loganatha Mudaliar. The original oval shape stone building was designed by Shri. B.R. Manicka Mudaliar, Chief Architect and Town planning officer of the Government of Mysore, and built under his supervision, with liberal donations from Shri. V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar and other members of the community.

The Sangham was fortunate in having philanthropists from their community who donated liberally and gifted properties and started scholarship endowments and widow relief endowments. For example, Shri. T.K. Swamy Mudaliar gifted his house known as Kaniapa Bhavan, and later the same property was sold for Rs. 45,000, and the amount invested in a scholarship endowment.

Notable milestones


Silver Jubilee

The Mudaliar Sangham, an association for members of the Mudaliar community in Bangalore, has celebrated several important milestones in its history. These include the Silver Jubilee Years from 1929 to 1954, marking 25 years since the Sangham's formation. During this period, the Sangham was led by prominent figures such as Dr. T.V. Arumuga Mudaliar and V. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar, who played key roles in the growth and development of the organization.


Golden Jubilee

The Sangham also celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1979, marking 50 years since its formation. As part of this celebration, the Sangham launched the Rukmini Ammal Widow Relief Endowment, which continues to provide financial assistance to widows in the community to this day. The Sangham also expanded its scholarship program, distributing scholarships to hundreds of students in need each year.


Platinum Jubilee

In 2004, the Sangham celebrated its Platinum Jubilee, marking 75 years since its founding. The organization used this milestone as an opportunity to reflect on its achievements and renew its commitment to serving the community.



More recently, the Sangham would plan to celebrate its Centenary Year in 2029, marking 100 years since its formation. This milestone represents a century of service to the Mudaliar community in Bangalore and is a testament to the resilience and enduring impact of the organization. As part of its centenary celebrations, the Sangham may organize special events and initiatives to commemorate its history and engage with members of the community.

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